2020 Spudman Triathlon

A single life is valued to be at least $3.5 million. $3.5 million is the economic impact of our annual Spudman Triathlon. It is with much deliberation that brings us to a decision regarding Spudman XXXIV. Given that this decision is being made due to the health risks associated w/ the Covid19 pandemic, we have approached this decision from a health perspective. Since this wasn't an accounting question we did not consult w/ accountants. Since it wasn't a sports question we did not consult w/ athletes. Since it wasn't a political question we did not consult w/ politicians. We did, however, consult heavily w/ medical doctors and healthcare professionals whom we know personally. Those healthcare professionals were great at walking us thru the numbers provided by the CDC and other reputable sources. No media sources were looked at nor considered in any of our conversations. The recommendations from those healthcare professionals were consistent. We met as a Spudman committee that consists of several volunteers from the Burley Lion's Club and discussed the data along w/ each committee member's thoughts.

Having a regard for health and life that is immeasurable, we have decided to cancel this year's Spudman Triathlon. As a result, we will be refunding all entry fees in full. Many of you have emailed us and offered to have your registration held over until next year in the event of this being our decision. Some have even been so generous as to offer us to keep your registration fee w/ no expectation of a refund or deferral of any type. For logistical reasons, we will be refunding everyone. We genuinely appreciate all of your kind offers. Anyone that purchased Spudman swag will be receiving a refund for those purchases as well. Bottom line, any money received relative to this year's race will be refunded in full.

This would have been our 34th annual triathlon. The Burley Lion's Club and the Spudman Triathlon are very financially sound. We will be here for at least 34 more years thanks to phenomenal volunteers and athletes! We're still going to count Spudman 2021 as our 35th anniversary race and will knock the socks off it … that includes you hardcore triathletes that race sockless! ;)

We look forward to seeing ya'all for Spudman XXXV on July 31st, 2021!

Spudman 2021 Triathlon registration countdown


This year we are offering the opportunity for athletes and their families to participate in a service project on Friday before the race. We are partnering with the Magic Valley Humanitarian Center based here in Southern Idaho. Through the Center, participants will be able to make homeless mats and hygiene kits that will go to serve those in need in the area.

We invite you to donate to the Center during registration to help them purchase supplies for the hygiene kits. The more donations we receive, the more kits we can create. It costs us about $10 per kit. Details on the kits and the homeless mats can be viewed at mvhumanitarian.org

Last Saturday in July
in Burley, Idaho


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1.5K Swim

The swim is current aided. Water temperature averages 68-71 degrees. The swim begins at Riverfront Park by the Burley boat docks and ends at Scholar Park by the Burley/Heyburn bridge.

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40K Bike

The bike course is fairly flat loop with just a few rollers. Race elevation is 4250'. Air temperature averages 51-84 degrees.

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10K Run

The 10k loop begins with a short steep hill and then levels to a mostly flat course. The run is on country roads and canal banks. The course is 70% asphalt, 30% gravel.

Home of the
fastest swim